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“Available Memory” in Task Manager


The “Available Memory” counter in Task Manager is actually the sum of the following three internal memory lists:

  • The Standby list.
  • The Free list.
  • The Zero list.

Available Bytes is the amount of physical memory available to processes

running on the computer, in bytes. It is calculated by summing space on
the Zeroed, Free, and Standby memory lists. Free memory is ready for
use; Zeroed memory is pages of memory filled with zeros to prevent later
processes from seeing data used by a previous process. Standby memory is
memory removed from a process’s working set (its physical memory) on
route to disk, but is still available to be recalled.


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Free Web Chat Widgets Comparison


provides 3 different types of widgets

  • Live Support Connect your customers with your support executives.
  • Shoutbox Allows your website blog visitors to interact with you instantly.
  • Live Chat Allows one on one communication with your website blog visitors.

Meebo Me

Supports Chat between Public to Website Administrators Only


pros: admins can use existing IM accounts to chat with public users.



free version has its disadvantages

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Disable text selection highlighting

function clearSelection() {     if(document.selection && document.selection.empty) {         document.selection.empty();     } else if(window.getSelection) {         var sel = window.getSelection();         sel.removeAllRanges();     } } 

You can also apply these styles to the span for all non-IE browsers:

span.no_selection {     -moz-user-select: none; // mozilla browsers     -khtml-user-select: none; // webkit browsers }
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