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Microsoft beats Amazon on Cloud Storage Prices

on April 3, 2014

Microsoft has replaced Amazon to achieve the top performer position in the 2013 report of Nasuni Corporation.

“This year, our tests revealed that Microsoft Azure Blob Storage has taken a significant step ahead of last year’s leader, Amazon S3, to take the top spot. Across three primary tests (performance, scalability and stability), Microsoft emerged as a top performer in every category” – Nasuni 2013 Cloud Storage Report

The new prices will be applied from March 13th 2014.


Recent upgrades on azure storage layers has shown great improvements.



A pricing comparison:

Azure IaaS Disks are $0.095/GB-month with Geo Redundancy. With AWS in order to get high durability of VM disks, customers have to pay the price of both EBS Standard Volumes ($0.05/GB-month) and EBS Snapshot to S3 ($0.095/GB-month), which is 34% more expensive.

You can read the report HERE


You can watch the report HERE


Another study of Cloud SAYS

Though Amazon EC2 has the lowest price advantage over the other 4 providers at $0.12 per hour (now tied with Windows Azure), the lowest cost does not always mean the best value for a customer looking for maximizedperformance.Read More


To get Azure pricing HERE

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