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Questions from the Windows Azure Storage – Session 01 – Sri Lanka .NET Forum

on March 7, 2014

I must say we had really good participants who were really interested and keen on learning new technologies. There are some of the interesting questions that they asked.

Question: Is SQL Azure and Azure Storage are same?

Reply: Not Really. SQL Azure is simply the Cloud version of the on-premise SQL Server but with some limitations.

Can we use Visual Stuido 2012 to create azure applications?

Yes you can. But, azure releases new feature frequently. so most of the visual studio tools will be included with the latest Visual Studio versions. So, its always better to use the latest.

Question: How can store json data in azure tables?

Reply: There is no direct Art for designing noSQL schema. It basically will depend on the requirement, mainly on how we are going to use it and query it. You can store the Json file in a blob as .js file if you just wan’t access it programatically. Or else if you want to make use of the azure table features and query capabilities, then you may try to convert json in to azure properties. So, as said it depends on how you want to use it and the limitations of azure tables.

Answers for Other Questions:

Some of the Questions were really interesting. And i will discuss some of those in details in my future forum Sessions.

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