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Windows Azure Storage – Session 01 – Sri Lanka .NET Forum

on March 6, 2014

Areas Covered:


  • —Introduction to Windows Azure Storage
  • —How to get a free account for Azure
  • —How Azure storage enables you to build highly scalable applications
  • —NoSQL with Azure storage & Comparison of Relational SQL
  • —Hands on azure portal
  • —Azure storage tools
  • —Demo on Azure storage, emulator, access programatically

Material of the Session can be downloaded via the following link:!207&authkey=!AIG9Tk5qer-wPBg&

The above link is also stored using windows azure storage blobs which we discussed in the session.

In future sessions we will try to cover more with azure technologies such as how to start with cloud applications, push notifications with Windows 8 & Windows Mobile, access control services, SQL Azure, Azure Virtual Machines, Web sties, Mobile Services, Cloud services, Service Bus, etc.

Hope you gained something from the First Session on Azure. Cheers!

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