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Visual Studio 2012 RC does not have setup and deployment project template

on August 9, 2012

The basic setup and deployment project template that was with the visual studio 2010 was not included in the visual studio 2012 RC.

instead it had a third party add-in that need to be installed called “InstallShield”.

even though this had many feature, it was so expensive. And i was trying to contact the support team for some clarification about the feature of the product in order to purchase it. but, i didn’t get a proper reply from them.

in order to try it, first you need to download it. and Restart visual studio 2012 RC. and there will be a new template available.


Requirement was to create a setup file that will:

  • create a database and run some sql scripts – configuration setting need to given as parameters in the wizard in deployment time
  • create a website and a web service – configuration setting need to given as parameters in the wizard in deployment time
  • if something fails, rollback all
  • Need to update the website and web service with user enterd sql connection settings.


Possible alternatives:

  • InstallShield: expensive
  • InstallAware: less expensive than InstallShield
  • Web Deploy 3.0: Can only be useful for web deployment only. But, still manual work need to be done in the installation. Can’t do it as a wizard installation.
  • MsBuild: is a command line tool, which visual studio uses for its operations in background. Could do all the things we need, but we need to create some GUI to get the parameters that need to be configured and some transaction handling c# code.

still investigating possible options. i will update this post with what we ended up doing.



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